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ID5 enables ad tech platforms to operate more efficiently and maximise the value of data and inventory while enabling publishers to increase programmatic revenues and improve user experience.

To get started, please select the appropriate documentation below. If you are unsure which type of integration applies to you, we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction, just ask!

ID5 Universal ID

The ID5 Universal ID is a shared, neutral identifier that publishers and ad tech platforms can use to recognise users even in environments where 3rd party cookies are not available or blocked. ID5 enables publishers to create and distribute a shared 1st party identifier to the entire ecosystem. Ad tech platforms that connect with ID5 can decrypt the Universal ID and improve their user recognition capabilities. The ID5 Universal ID is designed to respect users' privacy choices throughout the advertising value chain.

Learn more:

  • Retrieve Universal IDThere are several methods to retrieve the ID5 Universal ID
    • Prebid.js UserId ModuleLearn the benefits of Universal ID and how to integrate it into your existing Prebid.js setup
    • ID5 Javascript LibraryLearn the benefits of Universal ID and how to make it available to your partners from your website using our client-side Javascript Library
    • Custom IntegrationsThere are several custom integration methods to retrieve the ID5 Universal ID via client-side or server-side calls and web services.
  • Ingest and Use Universal IDID5 has put together integration guides for different platform types to make it as easy as possible to get started with Universal ID

ID5 Connect

ID5 Connect is a centralised cookie matching service designed to simplify user ID synchronisation, reduce bandwidth and processing costs, and improve match rates between ad tech platforms.

By centralising cookie matching for the digital advertising industry, ID5 Connect creates economies of scale that benefit platforms and publishers. ID5 transforms a mostly client-side process into a server-side match table distribution service, reducing page latency, data leakage, and privacy risks. Thanks to ID5 Connect, publishers can improve user experience and better monetise data and inventory, and ad tech platforms can operate more efficiently.

Learn more:

  • Cookie Sync with ID5You will need to cookie sync with ID5 to get your UID on our graph
  • Receive User Mappings from ID5Once cookie synchronisation with ID5 has been implemented, we are able to start delivering user mappings to other platforms. We can deliver these mappings to you via file-based transfers, streaming transfers, or a web service API.

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