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ID5 Connect is a centralised cookie matching service designed to simplify user ID synchronisation, reduce bandwidth and processing costs, and improve match rates between ad tech platforms.

By centralising cookie matching for the digital advertising industry, ID5 Connect creates economies of scale that benefit platforms and publishers. ID5 transforms a mostly client-side process into a server-side match table distribution service, reducing page latency, data leakage, and privacy risks. Thanks to ID5 Connect, publishers can improve user experience and better monetise data and inventory, and ad tech platforms can operate more efficiently.

Learn more:

  • Cookie Sync with ID5You will need to cookie sync with ID5 to get your UID on our graph
  • Receive User Mappings from ID5Once cookie synchronisation with ID5 has been implemented, we are able to start delivering user mappings to other platforms. We can deliver these mappings to you via file-based transfers, streaming transfers, or a web service API.

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